Luna Fenron
Birthday 4/5
Gender Female FemaleIcon
Age 15
Race Human
Species Human
Handedness Right
Complexion Fair
Hair Silver
Eyes Jasmine Green
Height 5'8"
Weight 154Lbs
Power Tech
Professional Status
Occupation Student
Personal Status
Status High-class
Relatives Parents with money
Relationship no romatinc relationship and one lost childhood friend
Additional Info
IQ 123
Clubs Track team
Likes Protecting others, hanging with friends.
Dislikes Losing those close to her, being beat, being alone,
Skills Able to move faster than most people due to speed based enhancements
Weaknesses Thoughts of failure

Appearance Edit

Luna is considered to be about average in height with a decent figure. Despite her rigid work out schedule, she has always shown little muscle mass but is still able to hold her own. She has long, straight silver hair, which on occasion will put up into a pony tail, and piercing green eyes. She has some high grade augments implanted in her legs allowing much higher speeds.

Personality Edit

Caring dearly for those she considers close, she would gladly risk her life to save them. She prefers to look like the strong, silent girl type to hide the fact she likes some very girly things though anyone with a brain can see through her. She is obsessed with idea of going faster to allow herself the ability to save more people.

Powers and Abilites Edit

After the incident that took away her friend, she vowed to become fast enough to save as many people as possible. Her parents paid for the implants to quiet their daughter after the incident. These implants allow her to obtain and hold speeds exceeding 60 mph, but if she pushes herself, she can exceed 70 mph though at the cost of tearing her own body apart from the strain. Due to the amount of time she has had these, 5 years, she has gained a fair bit of control of sharp turns and safe stopping. Though in a fight she won't stop but instead will let it carry through and stop due to friction. Her longest sprint at 60 mph was about 30 minutes before she got tired and passed out on the spot.

Backstory Edit

When she was young, she would often leave the house to play with the one person she felt was her friend, Jacob Tempos. He was severely injured in an accident involving a construction site. Luna was not allowed to go see him since her parents disapproved of her acquaintance with him. A week later they told her he had died. This lead her to take the blame onto herself a lot more than she already had sending her into a spout of depression. Though this made her realized that she could use this loss as a reason to work harder and help the less fortunate. So after a fair bit of begging her parents, she had several high grade speed enhancing implants put in her legs and in her respiratory system to allow breathing at high speeds. Five years after the new implants were installed, she learned how to control her new speeds. She is now attending OG42 to learn how to maintain the business her family is a part of.