Don't dig too deep, my friend. The truth can be dangerous. Especially when it comes to my kind.
— Retrost

Keegan Prost (True name Retrost) is a minor Sloth demon and a student at Osaka Gakuin, in spite of the fact that he purely decided to to to the school for his own entertainment (as a lot of powerful/magical people travel through it, and a lot of paranormal things occur.) .



True Name: Retrost

Age: 17 (Appears)

Gender: Male

Alias: Keegan Prost

Race: Demon (Minor)

Born: 30 July

Affiliation(s):  Osaka Gakuin, Himself


Retrost is a fairly laidback, albeit arrogant student. As a demon of Sloth, he is fairly lazy, and often sleeps in class. He doesn't really care much for the 'big' goings on in the school, just so long as he is entertained. 

He treats most people equally, which is with enough politeness as to avoid extensive talking.

However, he can be kind (sometimes, mostly it's just to give himself peace), often helping new students find their ways around the school. He also gives a polite warning to those students that discover that he isn't entirely human.


Disguise: When in his 'human' form, Keegan appears as a red-headed male of average build, with light brown eyes and lightly tanned skin, smattered with freckles. He normally has grey lines under both eyes.

When not in uniform, he dresses in a white shirt and baggy jeans and big, heavy boots, and finishes the emsemble with a deep red jacket with a fur trimmed hood.

True Form: When in his 'true' form, Retrost's skin turns red, and his eyes turn a liquid yellow, and his teeth turn jagged and sharp. His hair becomes snow white, and his nails grow long and sharp.


Retrost's most obvious power is his ability to disguise himself as a human.

He, as with all demons, possesses darker powers. He is capable of creating fire, and can float, albeit not indefinitely, although he tries to avoid fighting, prefering to manipulate people against one another. 

Contrary to popular thought, Sloth Demons aren't always themselves slothful. Rather, they inspire slothfulness in those that they target.


Not born as much as called into existance by a summoner, the minor demon Retrost, after completing his contract with the summoner, was given 'freedom', and now has but one goal.

His own entertainment.

After finding reports on Osaka Gakuin's...strange pull of the paranormal and supernatural, he started to create an alias.

The one he settled on was Keegan Prost, a student from Britain.



Keegan means Firebrand.

The whole thing with a demons 'true name' comes from Christian Demonology, whereby the 'summoner' gains power over the demon by calling them by their true name.