Haruhi Fenna
Birthday 9/23
Gender Female FemaleIcon
Age looks 15, actually 100
Species Kitsune
Handedness right
Complexion clear
Hair long rose red hair
Eyes Golden eyes
Height 5'00"
Weight 122LBS
Power illusion's and fox fire
Professional Status
Social Rank Heir to fenna clan
Affiliation Fenna clan
Occupation student
Personal Status
Status alive
Relatives unknown
Relationship unknown
Additional Info
IQ 118
Clubs not yet decided
Likes Food
Dislikes Entering someone else's territory

illusions, some fire based power.

Skills illusions, some fire based power.
Weaknesses uneducated in the real world

Apperance Edit

Most Kitsune change their human form as to remain hidden. Haruhi being only a two tail has one form and cannot hide her tails. She stands at about 5’0” and weighing a mere 122LBS. She has long flowing rose red hair that goes to her mid back. Her eyes are a bright golden that seem to pierce one’s soul. She could be considered very beautiful, but in a very wild way.


A very naive and innocent personality, making her very easy to trick. This does not mean she is stupid. She is able to take information and apply it quickly. She normally is very open and hard to anger, but touch her tails and prepare for a world of hurt.

Powers and Abilites

Due to her being a two tail, her powers are rather limited.She is able to make complex illusions to mess with her friends and enemies. Most of these illusions will only affect the 5 major sensors and only one person at a time, although still being rather potent. She also has some control over fire, but not enough to make it useful in combat. Her powers are not limited to this though, due to a combination of age and her natural magical power, she has two tails. If she were to be exposed to a massive amount of concentrated magic energy she could gain more tails.


She has lived in the mountains with her family since before she could remember and always wondered about the outside world. Most of her childhood was spent being taught how to use magic and Politics due to her being next in line to lead the Fenna clan. This lead her to living a rather sheltered life, making her even less aware of the outside world than the rest of the clan.

After one-hundred years her parents thought it was time for her to learn more about the human world. They felt the best place would be at a school that covers many facets of the human world, thus sending their daughter to OG#42. Her journey there was rather difficult for her since most of everything was new to her. After a week of adventuring she made it.


the first art i got for haruhi i got VIA auction from Chechoski on DA.