Ask Not The Sparrow... HOW THE EAGLE SOARS!

-Daniel's quote when synchronizing with Aoleus

Daniel Chanson is one of the Main Characters of OG42.

Daniel Chanson
Title Aeroblader
Gender Male MaleIcon
Age 16
Handedness Right
Complexion Fair
Hair Light Brown
Eyes Gray
Height 6 ft 5 inch.
Weight 160 lbs
Professional Status
Social Rank First Year, Freshman
Affiliation Osaka Gakuin
Occupation student at Osaka Gakuin
Personal Status
Status active
Additional Info
IQ 105
Clubs Kendo Club, Junior Varsity Basketball



Daniel is a tall, caucasian teenager hailing from the midwest reigon of America. He has somewhat messy blonde hair, and grey eyes. When not in his school uniform, he wears a grey and blue letterman jacket, with his favorite basketball team symbol on the back(a spartan helmet with wings). He also usually wears jeans, or baggy cargo shorts. He is very tall, at 6'5". He is an avid basketball fan, and an even more avid student of Kendo, which he has been studying since before he could rmember. He always carries around his Shinai with him.


Daniel is usually a very upbeat person, and will treat everyone nicely. He has a strong sense of justice, and will try to protect anyone he sees as oppressed. He makes friends rather easily. Having a bit of a "hero complex" reinforces the fact that he is American in the eyes of his japanese classmates.


Daniel is the current "weilder" of Aoleus, the Cardinal of the Western Wind. One of four Cardinals, Aoleus was trapped in Daniel's Shinai. Because of this, Daniel has some rather impressive wind powers at his disposal. When fighting an opponent, Daniel creates a backdraft behind him, making him faster and his enemies slower. However, this makes him weak to any rear attacks. Daniel's powers grow with his synchronization rate with Aoleus. At the lowest level, Daniel has minor control over wind, and can simply create drafts and breezes. In order to increase his abilities, Daniel must trigger Aoleus's abilities by reciting a chant, featured above. After this, his powers grow rapidly. He is encapsulated in a small tornado, then breaks free, spreading wings of glowing blue energy. His eyes aslo turn a bright shade of sky blue. His Shinai also becomes covered in blue glyphs. In this state he can attack using wind blasts, and his mobility is increased multiple times over. He uses basic and advanced Kendo techniques enhanced by blasts of wind.


Daniel knows that he is from America, and he remembers his family quite clearly. However, His memory of how he got to japan is still rather fuzzy...

Daniel's father was a prominent scientist. Before coming to Japan, Daniel was an Avid fan of basketball and kendo. When he arrived in Japan, he was taken in by a host family consisting of a married couple in their late fifties. Daniel was to stay with them for the duration of his years at OG42.