The home where Daniel lives during his stay in Japan.


The house is located in a suburban neighborhood, a bit of a distance away from Osaka Gakuin #42. There is a sizeable yard, which Daniel can be seen mowing from time to time. It is a 2 story home, and Daniel's room is on the second floor. There is a garden out front, with terraces and vines climbing the walls. On the inside, there is a kitchenette attached to a good-sized living room. There is a staircase in the kitchen leading to the second floor. The backyard has a strainge, large, unexplained crater.


Other than Daniel, a middle-aged couple lives in the house. Their children have already moved out, and they have the role of Daniel's host family. They are both in their late 50s'. The father is a man who appreciates the value of hard work, whom Daniel often refers to as Miyagi-san. The mother is a kind, gentle, yet firm soul, who is an extremely competent cook.