A guide to the categories on Osaka Gakuin 42, although encyclopedia might be a better term. Everything is listed in alphabetical order within their sections.

Wikia Categories

WIP explanation

  • Guide - Guides for people on the Wikia
  • Rules - Rules set up around the Wikia
  • Recycle Bin - Pages that are to be reviewed and deleted by admins.
  • Service - Pages that help out the Wikia



  • Arcane - tems or Beings pertaining to the Arcane Arts, one of the Triad
  • Character - General category for all characters.
  • Faction - Factions in the World of Osaka Gakuin 42. This can include Companies, Terrorist Groups, Guilds, and so on.
  • Items - An object or posession
  • Location - Locations in the world of Osaka Gakuin #42
  • Lore - Lore for the Osaka Gakuin #42 Universe.
  • School Lore - Lore specific to Osaka Gakuin as a school
  • Nature - Creatures and monsters
  • Neutral - Items or Beings that do not pertain to the Triad, simply being normal
  • Supernatural - items or Beings pertaining to Supernatural, one of the Triad
  • Technology - Items or Beings pertaining to Technology, one of the Triad
  • The Triad - Lore specific relating to the Triad that builds the world.

Specific Character Categories


  • Accepted Character - Characters that passed their review
  • Antagonist - Characters or NPC's that would be Antagonist, plotting to fight against the Students
  • Female - General category for female characters
  • Male - General category for male characters
  • Pending Character - Characters waiting to be reviewed
  • Rejected Character - Characters that did not pass their review
  • Student - Student characters
  • Teacher - Teacher characters
  • Urban Myth - Antagonist Character's that take place in the Urban Myth Mini-Arc

Species Categories


Location Specific Categories


Faction Specific Categories


  • Bygone 'Ayum - Antagonist Characters that are in the Terroist Organization Bygone 'Ayum
  • Student Council - Student Council characters (Reserved Only for Active Student Council)

Fan Fiction Categories


Fan Art Categories


  • Concept Art - Concept art of something in Osaka Gakuin #42
  • Emblem - Character emblems
  • Fan Art - Art of something in Osaka Gakuin #42

Personal Categories

Excluding all the official categories listed above, every person does get a single, personal category of their own. This is to collect all their pages and works into a single location, which makes it easier to find their stuff.