Main Building Edit

The large castle that is Osaka Gakuen. Was converted into a school in the year 1942, that legacy continuing now, to the year 2142. It has a multitude of floors, each one being dedicated to a certain branch of education, or for specific purposes, for example, a floor for the sciences, one for language and so on.

Ground Floor Edit

This floor is primarily meant for offices and holds the entrance to the building.

There are three entrances through the ground floor, one leading from the front gate and one from the side building.

At the front entrance, there is a desk with a storage hall behind it, which contains spare uniforms, keys to dorms, and confiscated objects taken from students with ill intent. To enter the storage room, you must use a key, which is held by the individual at the front desk. Inside of the storage hall and to the right, there is a file area, which contains every student who is currently attending's information, and a separate section for the alumni, and yet another for paperwork relating to the school itself. The door to this is only accessible through the storage room's side, and requires a key to unlock.

To the left, there is a staircase that leads both up and down, one path leading to the basement, whilst the other leads up to the second floor. To the right of the front entrance, there is an elevator, which is only used for moving around objects that cannot take the journey up the stairs or moving the faculty/staff up and down, very rarely letting students on, as the elevator requires a pass to work.

Entering from the side entrance, which is located on the left, will take you directly to the staircase.

Reception DeskEdit

Write this out cat, words.

Storage HallEdit

Storing words.

File HallEdit

Filing words.

Floor 2 Edit

The floor for the faculty and student amenities, such as the Cafeteria, the Kitchen, the Teacher's Lounge, and the Nurses' office. The Cafeteria is relatively central within the floor, taking up the majority of it's space, whilst the Kitchen sits directly behind it. The Teacher's Lounge is to the right of the Cafeteria, as is the Nurses's office, putting both relatively close together.

Cafeteria Edit

Eating words.

Kitchen Edit

Cooking words.

Teacher's Lounge Edit

Lounging words.

Nurses' Office Edit

Healing words.

Floor 3 Edit

The floor for all science related subjects, containing the following classrooms;

Physics RoomEdit

Words=mc squared

Biology RoomEdit

The mitochondria is the powerhouse of the words.

Matter and Energy ClassroomEdit

Words matter.

Chemistry RoomEdit


Astronomy RoomEdit

Constellation words.

Forensics RoomEdit

Finger print words.

Computer Science RoomEdit

<words> </words>

Engineering Room Edit


Floor 4 Edit

The floor for all language related subjects and the library, containing the following rooms;

Japanese ClassroomEdit


Language and Composition ClassroomEdit


Journalism and Newspaper ClassroomEdit

Extra extra, read all about words.

Creative Writing ClassroomEdit

To words or not to words.

World Languages ClassroomEdit

Donde esta la words.

Library Edit

No words allowed.

Floor 5 Edit

The floor for all social studies related subjects, containing the following rooms;

Japanese History ClassroomEdit

言葉 history.

Japanese Government ClassroomEdit

Model UN words.

World History ClassroomEdit

World of words.

Modern World History ClassroomEdit

New world of words.

Economics ClassroomEdit

The words trade market.

Philosophy ClassroomEdit

How can words be real if our eyes aren't real?

Humanities ClassroomEdit

Words happened a long time ago.

Religious Study ClassroomEdit

Words are my religion.

Sociology ClassroomEdit

Words influenced our societies.

Psychology ClassroomEdit

Words words words wors words words words words.

Floor 6 Edit

The floor for all mathematical subjects, namely;

Algebra 1 ClassroomEdit

Stupider words.

Algebra 2 ClassroomEdit

Smarter words.

Geometry ClassroomEdit

Square words.

Pre-Calc ClassroomEdit

Dumber words.

Calculus ClassroomEdit

Less dumber words.

Statistics ClassroomEdit

100% words.

Business ClassroomEdit

Words are business.

Floor 7 Edit

The floor for all art related subjects, containing the following floors;

Foundations of Art ClassroomEdit

Words began art.

Digital Art ClassroomEdit

Digital words.

Ceramics ClassroomEdit

Word pots.

Digital Photography ClassroomEdit

Photographs of words.

Studio Art ClassroomEdit

Studio art words.

Art History ClassroomEdit

Written with words.

Music Theory ClassroomEdit

Are words not music?

Floor 8 Edit

The floor for all magical subjects, containing the following floors;

Alchemy ClassroomEdit

Chemical words.

Artifice ClassroomEdit

Artifact words.

Illusionism ClassroomEdit

Nonexistent words.

Necromancy ClassroomEdit

Zombie words.

Elementalism ClassroomEdit

Earth, words, air, fire.

Floor 9 Edit

The last floor before the roof, this floor contains a few miscellaneous classrooms and empty rooms meant to host clubs that do not operate in classrooms.

Film StudiesEdit

Watching words.

Clubs Rooms Edit

Basement Edit

The basement is used for a hub of physical education, containing several different areas for different sports.


Sports words.


Forging words.

Swimming PoolEdit

The deep words.

Practice RangeEdit

Practicing words.

Weight RoomEdit

Getting swole words.

Multi-Purpose ArenaEdit

Fight night words.


Karate words

Side Building Edit

The side building contains the auditorium, where the Theatre and Musical classes take place, along with the Counselor's office, the Security Office, and the Janitor's Supply Room. Several other offices such as the Headmaster's office and the Building Manager office are also located here.


Performance words.

Counselor's OfficeEdit

Lust's thing.

Janitor's Supply RoomEdit

Kore's things.

Security OfficeEdit

Kore and Fantas accommodations.

Headmaster's OfficeEdit

To be written when we have a headmaster

Building Manager's OfficeEdit

Work out who the building manager is, and have their creator write this.

Dorms Edit

Split between the Male Dorm and the Female Dorms. While under certain conditions, two people of opposite gender can live in the same dorm, it largely doesn't open. At most, two people live in the same dorm. At least, it's one. There is, however, one peculiar dorm in between the two that belongs to two peculiar students, one being male and the other female. While normally an occurrence like this isn't acceptable, due to the hefty compensation given to the school. it has been deemed acceptable.

Female Dorm Edit

Female words

Male Dorm Edit

Male words

Outside AreasEdit

Front EntranceEdit

Fountain, path, benches, trees

Sports Field Edit

Sports, yeah.

Popular Campus locations Edit

  • The Sack: Oddly shaped food court found near the main school building. Quite popular for its wide selection of stands available.

Magical Barrier Edit

The Magical barrier is potentially the most important asset in all of Osaka. It surrounds the entirety of the school grounds, lowering the power of all three triads once inside. With this, no one inside is able to fully utilize the full scale of their abilities, technological, supernatural, arcane, or otherwise. The only people affected by it however are the students, the patch on their uniform connecting with the barrier and limiting them.

The power cell of the barrier is placed directly in the office of the Headmaster, acting as a super-computer of sorts, a mix of magic and technology. In simple terms, the technology uses magic as its fuel, emitting the powerful barrier that affects everyone with student patches. calculating the necessary power needed for each individual student to do this. The computer is unable to this itself however, instead acting as a sealed shell for the Thought Demon Laplace, under direct control from the school's receptionist.

Laplace takes all the calculations necessary, and then inputs them into the computer automatically for it to follow. While this is continuously done at a passive level, Laplace has such efficiency in that it's also capable of doing this actively as well. Should it feel a student's power rise to lethal, most commonly for one specific charged attack, Laplace is able to instantaneously calculate the necessary output to lower this students attack back to non-lethal levels. It does this for every attack that needs to be classified as such within school-grounds, able to do this even if every student is attacking at once.

Besides lowering all the students powers to non-lethal levels, the patches also act as scanning devices, taking the knowledge of the student's abilities and their powers and storing it within the super-computer for digital and paper archiving. All of this is handled by Laplace, which is then acted out by the supercomputer, have each and every student's abilities and powers stored.

While some may think breaking into this system to take all the student information is viable, this is in fact not the case. Should Laplace feel the system is being attacked in anyway, it will take the actions necessary to counter this, using all of its knowledge to destroy the attacker mercilessly within seconds

Due to the calculating nature of Laplace, he can assume every most likely past, present, and future outcome within the school's barrier, able to use this to calculate attacks and render most useless as they are dealt with before they even happen, working as a highly effective defense system for the school.