Utaemon is very withdrawn and does not socialize much. The fact that he is mute contributes to this greatly. He is a rather sensitive person, and is very much in touch with nature and his surroundings. Being a gifted spiritual medium, Utaemon can see most of the spirits that frequent the halls of OG42. because of this, he is often seen staring at what appears to be nothing.


As the recipient of the spirit of the Grand Saguaro, Utaemon has many Cactus-like traits and abilities. His body is able to generate spikes of any number and size across his body, however, the bigger the spikes, the fewer he can make. He can also summon a number of cacti as attacks or defences in battle. He is a gifted survivalist, and thanks to his cactus abilities, can live off a very small amount of water for a very long time. He is also able to summon a phantom of the Grand Saguaro for a short period of time. This phantom is nowhere near as powerful as the spirit itself, but is still very capable of doing damage. His strongest attack involves absorbing energy from the sun and summoning a giant cactus flower to fire it in a large beam.


Ando Utaemon was born in japan, but raised in central america. His father was an archaeologist who worked on uncovering ancient mayan ruins. One day, while he was very young, Utaemon stumbled upon what would later be one of the most important discoveries in the field of archaeology. The Nazca lines, mysterious patterns drawn in a large and perfectly neat scale, were shaped in a pattern around an ancient cavern. The lines converged around a giant cactus, taller than any in recorded history. When young Utaemon touched itm the spirit dwelling withing the cactus was transferred into him, giving him great power, but making him mute in the process. From that point on, the cactus entered a state of petrification, not growing, but hardening, making it impervious to attempts at damaging it or removing it. The Grand Saguaro is a powerful spirit that guards the deserts and wards off intruders. However, because of the polluted state of the earth, the spirit migrated to the first compatible living thing; namely, Utaemon.